Recruitment & selection advice for a charity CFO appointment

Senior management level assessment and recruitment for a leading UK charity.

MDC Advisory consultants had worked with this leading charity to carry out a 360-degree feedback review of the senior management team.  The data offered an insight into the performance and capability of the directors but had identified skills gaps in the team which needed addressing.

A decision was made to recruit a new CFO and MDC Advisory was asked to assess candidates using a range of psychometric assessments and depth feedback interviews benchmarked against a gap analysis of senior team leadership skills and gaps.

The client needed to select a candidate who has strong leadership skills to oversee change and to recruit a senior team member who could provide leadership at the enterprise level, not just at the functional level.  

The successful hire not only provided leadership of the finance team but was also able to support the CEO and COO more effectively in leading the organisation.  This meant that silos were removed, and cross functional leadership improved.

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