Understanding the capability and potential of managers for a global engineering group

Management assessment for over 350 people at a global engineering group.

Understanding the capability and potential of managers and leaders is an important from a performance management perspective as well as learning & development.

Our consultant designed an assessment & development centre programme for 350 managers which included psychometric assessment with assessment centre exercises to fully assess the motivation, attainment, and capability of the cohorts.   The process started with a leadership needs analysis and the design of competencies which formed the basis of what we assessed candidates against.

The results were then fed back to the candidates with a personal development planning for each participant taking place over a six month period.

A workshop with the senior leadership team then compared our data with real life performance data to rank candidates in order of attainment using the results of the capability assessment centre benchmarked against the clients competency framework.

This process shed new light in understanding the management cohort with a depth of data they had never had before.  This subsequently informed succession planning, restructuring and provided a platform for the Operational Excellence implementation team to manage the ability of the cohort to successfully make the adjustment to new ways of working.

At the participant level, personal development plans helped to empower the manager to self-develop and to kick off development discussions with their line managers. 

Therefore, both the business and the participants benefited from the process.


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