Leadership Assessment

Helping our Clients to understand their talent using leadership assessment

We can point to a clear meaningful record of working alongside our clients to understand the potential and capability of their current and future talent. Having achieved clarity on expectations (enshrined in behavioural frameworks and agreement on “what good looks like”), we use authoritative psychometric assessments and bespoke in-depth feedback interviews to shed light on the relevant issues. 

Expertise meets assessment

This is much more than a simple “mechanical” process. Our consultants are more than just technical experts in the use of most leading psychometric tools or in in-depth feedback interviews. Experience of leaders and execs acquired across sectors and a myriad of diverse businesses, means that our clients know we bring this to bear beyond high-level professional expertise (for some technical detail of our approach and methods click here.

Reducing Risk for our clients

We partner with clients to de-risk selection decisions inherent in senior appointments, enhance early effectiveness by fine-tuning onboarding programmes and shed light on the hidden “human factors” by identifying underlying core personal motivators. 

At senior levels where the stakes are high and where the participants themselves are experienced (as role candidates, participants in development programmes or even as commissioning clients in their own right), often it is uncovering issues that would not be discovered by other means, that is of most value. The difference is how we curate data, write reports, convey messages, deliver feedback and influence decisions constructively to ultimately drive tangible business outcomes.


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