Succession Planning

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Getting succession planning right is something of a balancing act. We work with our clients to ensure they have the right skills and talent for today while always looking ahead (as far as they can practically) to talent needed tomorrow, make decisions on whether to emphasise home grown versus recruiting from outside, meeting ever-changing business needs and ultimately, making the direct and indirect investment decisions needed to develop people at any level. 


Building World Class Teams

Given the timescales involved in tracking the commercial impact of talent initiatives, we partner with our clients to build world class leadership teams and to support them in maintaining the balance that is right for them (for some technical detail of our approach and methods click here).

Qualitative Appraisals

The key element underpinning our succession planning work is sustainability and this is readily visible in the way we future-proof the design of the gap analysis and in constructing succession. We advise our clients to exercise caution in interpreting the term “gap”. In much the same way our development activities reflect both “gap” of a talent exposure, so too our approach to succession planning reflects the need to stress positive potential too. 

This is especially important at senior management levels where there may be a shortage of available talent and limits to how able the business is breeding the next generation of leaders capable of performing effectively now while more so, demonstrating their fitness for the future.

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To understand more about how we map talent to identify employees with high potential, those who have plateaued and those who need development, investigate and capitalise on latent or unrecognised potential and create succession plans to develop high potential performers click here.

To find out how some of our clients have achieved the most business benefits from succession planning initiatives, what they did and how they did it, click here.

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