Leadership & behavioural frameworks

Helping our clients to improve performance through people and organisational effectiveness.

Through years of experience working with CEOs and execs across sectors, we have demonstrated innumerable times, the effectiveness of our approach to understanding business needs, mapping related role and personal issues, isolating the right data and imparting our advice. 

Defining Quality

We know, for example, that clarity and agreement in defining “what good looks like” at onset from line and commissioning clients, is key. In fact, the process itself in uncovering opinions often drives serious debate. We facilitate this and ensure that line managers are all on the same page and we drive understanding, agreement and commitment to adopting them.

Qualitative Appraisals

In appraising performance at most levels including leadership and exec, for most business it is not just the end result that matters, but how that result has been achieved. Mindful of this, we conduct leader and exec team profile research to isolate the predictive factors that make some people more effective than others and map this onto the current, essential and desired state the business is seeking to create. 

This research includes integrating existing performance data and validating current competency models. We then weave in the predictors of success into role recruitment, selection, onboarding and development processes.

Professional and Unbiased Judgment

Ultimately, like any advisor it is the quality of our judgments and advice and its consequential impact on the business, which our clients value. The nub here is getting the balance right between the “science, art and craft” of developing leadership and exec individual and team frameworks. We all know about the “science” in the design of the tests, processes, validation against performance outcomes. 

Developing frameworks also has to be underpinned by similar rigour. We avoid the frivolous and gravitate towards methods have demonstrable weight. The “art” comes with experience. In essence it is only through working with senior leaders and remaining close to the business that the skill is developed in knowing the issues to emphasise and those to “let go” as less relevant. 

Similarly, the “craft” is developed over time and experience, in the way we map the frameworks across recruitment, selection, deployment, appraisal and development.

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